The Marie Kondo Effect….

By 10th January 2019Uncategorised

This is my first full week back in the studio and I already feel like I’ve taken a huge leap into 2019!! I’ve made a few changes to my diet which I’m really excited about and over the Christmas period I found myself watching Marie Kondo’s programme on Netflix ‘Tidying Up’. It’s a bit of a life changer – if you haven’t watched it, I can really recommend that you do. She makes you look at the items in your home and evaluate if you need them in your life or not, she helps you make improvements in your home.

After using Marie Kondo’s techniques over Christmas on my home, it made me think of what improvements I can use in my business.

Out with the old in with the new.

For me it’s updating the images on my website and also the images that I use on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. I tend to think I’m speaking to the same audience with Twitter & LinkedIn but Facebook I use in a different way, therefore I have different images for my different clients and potential clients.

This week I’m dealing with quite a varied set of clients. I’ve been dealing with a beautician, a web designer, a lady who creates fantastic centre pieces from balloons for events and parties and a automotive repair centre, these companies are so varied but they all need the same outcome, which is they all need an online presents and to let their potential clients what they’re business is all about. They need a set of images that they can rotate for their social media to get their message across, and they all want their clients to see the people behind the brand.

I absolutely thoroughly enjoy doing this, for some it will be studio based and for others it we’ll go for a walk and come back with some great images!!

If you’d like me to have the Marie Kondo effect on you and create a set of images for your business, call me, we’ll work together and help you outshine your competitors.

Have a great week,