There are so many benefits to sending out a personalised Christmas card, it says ‘We Care’!!

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  1. Will you be sending out a corporate Christmas card this year?

Sending a Christmas card is one of our traditions. You are sending seasonal wishes, and this essentially lets your clients know that they are important to you and that you are thinking of them .

There are so many benefits to sending out a personalised Christmas card, but the main one is that it says ‘Thank you for your custom’.

Did you know that it’s 7 times easier to keep hold of a client than it is to gain a new one? It doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small company, look after your clients, let them know that you’re thinking of them, and make them feel loved!!

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Saving time and money by looking what’s on your doorstep!!

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A couple of days ago I had a phone call from a lady from one of our local banks. Her role within the company had changed and she needed a new headshot to go with her new appointment. The trouble was that they wanted her to travel to a photographer 2 1/2 hours away and over 100 mile drive!! She needed it for a couple of days time so travelling this far was unrealistic so she started ringing round the local photographers. Some were charging an hour sitting fee, plus additional cost for the download, which considering she literally had a half hour window, with a 15 minute shooting time was very unrealistic. As I took photos at one of the local performing schools of her daughter, she got in touch with me asking if headshots was something that I did…..YES….there loss and my gain!!

From experience I always tell my clients to avoid blouses (us women and our busts – they never sit right!!) and opt for a dress, or a smart top, not too dressy and plain in colour so they don’t look fussy on LinkedIn etc. After going through what clothes were most suitable and which backgrounds would be preferable, I told her my costs per download and we scheduled her to come in in a couple of days time.

So, this morning she came in, I had half an hour to have a chat, put her at ease and get the headshot session done before she had to be at her next meeting. The images have been cropped, lightly edited and in the time it has taken me to write this have been sent to her, for her to choose between seeing clients a selection for me to carry on editing (brightening eyes, teeth & a little skin softening), by the end of the day she will have her final image downloaded on her device. Easy. And all she had to do was to walk across the road.





The importance of a good headshot

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“I just want to lose a bit of weight before having my headshot taken”


“I hate having my photograph taken”


“I’m just not comfortable in front of the camera”


 “I’ve got a wonky nose, it looks awful in photographs”


“Can you make me look thinner”


Believe me, I’ve heard them all!! There isn’t a good time for a lot of things but as my lovely friend *Alison Bradford Business Coach always says, sometimes the worse thing you can do is put things off and I am a true believer in that! I am no way near a model, I would love to be a couple of stones lighter, hair to be glossier, and face to be thinner, I’m no way near a Kardashian….I’m a real person in the real world and as a business person I need to introduce myself to my potential clients and the best way to do that is via social media. A headshot is the new handshake, its your potential clients first introduction to you and your business, and we all know how important first impressions are. When I look through peoples profile pictures on LinkedIn one of my big bugbears is a selfie, please, please, please do not put a selfie of yourself on your business pages or even worse, please don’t put a photo of yourself and your friends on a night out! Now your potential clients know that you love a night out and love a drink which equates to a ‘not such a great first impression’!


A good headshot is all about good lighting, and I have good lights! I also make a great coffee to, so we can sit down and have a chat about what it is that you want to achieve from your headshot. Are you in the corporate world or more in the holistic industry? Either way we’ll sit down, have a chat and come up with the perfect shot that will make you look professional and get you noticed to your potential clients. Think your face is a little tubby? I have a technique for that. Think your nose is a little crooked? I have a technique for that too.

Please don’t put off having your headshot taken, you’re not perfect, but neither is the next person. The best thing you can do for your business is differentiate yourself from your competitors and stand out from the crowd. I help your potential clients take your brand seriously and those who represent you by showing your quality and leadership skills in a professional manner.

I help you tell your story….


If you have any questions about individual headshots or team headshots in the Staffordshire area, then please get in touch at or 07810 516 283

*Find out more about Alison Bradford Business Coach’s 12 week Masterplan by going to

From caterpiller to butterfly

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A couple weeks ago I had a message from a lady asking about a graduation photo of her son as he was leaving nursery and had unfortunately missed the nursery photos, plus she also wanted to book in for a family photo session of them all so we were discussing that as well. As the conversation went on, she mentioned how her youngest was really shy. Having 2 children of my own and knowing how shy my youngest used to be, I could completely sympathise with her and it took me back to around 18 months ago when I first met Nicola & Lily.


Nicola was pregnant with her second child and she was after a female photographer for a maternity shoot. She also wanted to include Lily in the shoot who was only 2 years old at the time. I absolutely loved the idea of including Lily, as I remember how it felt carrying my second child and how determined I was not to let my eldest feel left out, so I absolutely embraced the idea! At the time she’d not only been messaging me, but also some other local photographers asking us all similar kinds of questions. You know, out of all of the photographers that she was messaging none of them would incorporate Lily in the sitting, she was told that this was two separate packages so she’d therefore she’d have to book in for two sessions, a maternity and a family shoot….how ridiculous! Luckily for me my flexibility paid off and she booked me not just for a maternity sitting but for one of my Bump & Beyond sittings. I love this package! It means that I get to photograph a pregnancy, a new-born baby and I get to photograph them again when baby is just sitting up, 3 times in less than a year…..all them cuddles….is an extra bonus! Nicola had warned me how painfully shy Lily was so a week before the sitting they came in for a drink and a biscuit….a pre session chat! Whilst Nicola & I were chatting away I made sure to engage with Lily as well. She was shy that day, but she told me that she liked Peppa Pig, luckily for me I have a Dvd player in the studio and 2 children who also used to adore Peppa Pig, so I promised Lily that I’d bring her the Peppa Pig Dvd in especially for their session. This helped enormously. Whilst I was photographing mum Lily could watch the Dvd, but she was also right there to come running into the shoot to have her photograph taken with Nicola, and we really did get some lovely shots of them both!

I’ve now photographed Lily and her family 4 times in the last 18 months, and believe me she’s no longer the shy toddler that came in for juice and a biscuit when she comes in anymore. She has the most beautiful red curls and I absolutely adore photographing her, it also just goes to show that it doesn’t hurt to bend the rules sometimes or simply put, it doesn’t hurt to be accommodating as I also like to think of it….so do you have a shy toddler, a Velcro baby? With a little coaxing I’m sure we can turn that little caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly!


Thank you for reading,


Jemma x


Well hello there!!

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Well Hello There!! I’m Blogging!!

If like me you have children and were off on your Holibobs last week you’ll have been running round like a headless chicken this week, picking up where you left off before you went away & catching up with everything that came in whilst you were away!

It was a busy time before we went on holiday. Not only did my new website go live but I also had a lot of editing to do. My youngest son is part of Rooftop Studios in Stone and as they have their show coming up I was asked to photograph the groups and individuals which was so much fun but it needed a quick turnaround, which I’m pleased to say we managed!

For our holiday we went to St Ives and had such an amazing time. My eldest sons Godmother was getting married down there so we spent a lot of the week wedding prepping and catching up with people. The kids had loads of friends to play with, we spent some lovely evenings on the beach, the kids playing in the sea and us watching the sun go down – we made some great memories!

Of course you can’t go somewhere so beautiful without taking photographs. We stayed at Trevalgan Touring Park (  which was not only one of the nicest sites that we’ve stayed at but it was only a short walk away from St Ives town. We discovered some beautiful coastal walks, my husband and children are used to us going for walks and it taking forever! I couldn’t help myself, the views were too beautiful not to take any photographs!!

Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed reading what we got up to, hope you all have a fab week!!