Janine & Trevor Wedding – Granvilles, Stone

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This year has absolutely flown by and I’ve only just realised that I’ve not been sharing my work with you as much as I would like!

This summer I had the pleasure of photographing Janine & Trevor for their big day. It was an intimate ceremony with around 40 guests at the copacetic Granvilles Brasserie in Stone, Staffordshire. This  delightful venue is ideal for smaller gatherings and it’s picturesque courtyard garden was an exquisite backdrop to capture Janine, Trevor and their wedding guests.

It was such a wonderful day and it was an absolute pleasure to photograph this lovely couple on their special day.


team montage

Are you finding it hard to get all of your ‘team’ together?

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I had a call from a company recently asking me to come in and photograph them all. But as the company in question was in Staffordshire and some of it’s employees were London based it was proving to be a logistical nightmare for them to get everyone together, in the same building, at the same time!

Frustrating isn’t it….

I had a solution.

I went along with all of my equipment and photographed those that I could on that day. Along side doing my normal individual headshots, I also did a full length shot of each of them.

Those that couldn’t make it on the day, visited me at my studio where we did the same. And when it came to the editing stage they not only had their individual headshots, but I was able to compose a team montage of them all aswell!

So if getting all of your team together is proving to be a little tricky, you really don’t have to worry.

I enjoy tailoring a situation to suit your needs and making the unexpected work for you.

Have a great week,

Jemma xx


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One Photo Doesn’t Fit All Situations….

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I’ve been doing headshots for quite a number of years now, but it was only when I was looking back at some headshots from around 4 years ago that it suddenly dawned on me how headshots have evolved.

I used to find that clients just wanted a straight forward headshot for their LinkedIn profiles. Now with blogging, email and social media marketing being so popular, the headshot has changed.

Do you have more than one headshot?

I’m finding that most of my clients are now asking to have different headshots for different purposes. For example a work associate of mine has around 10-12 different images of herself that she uses.

It seems a lot doesn’t it?

But not really. When we do our local Twitter hour the photograph she introduces herself with is of her stood in the middle of her High Street. I think this is a very clever photograph. It tells you where she is located and that she is approachable.

Other examples are of her sat chatting with a client, another photo is of her with her associates. The last one she tends to use before signing off Twitter Hour is one of her standing on the stairs, it’s like the photo is saying “Oh one last thing before I go”!

All of the photos are well thought out, and this is what I ask my clients to think about.

Businesses are quite diverse, the professional headshot is perfect for LinkedIn and for your business card, but it’s possibly not the best image to use for marketing and social media content.

No Rules!

I think the rule book for headshots got thrown out sometime ago, sometimes it’s worth having more of a relaxed, natural approach.

I also love nothing more than playing around with different backdrops and lighting with coloured gels….this gives quite a fun, different feel to your images.

Well that’s it from me for now.

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Thanks for reading guys,

Jemma xx





You can’t bottle memories, but you can capture them….

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Do you feel like time would just slow down?

I know I certainly do. My children are aged 10 and 12 and I really can’t believe where the time is going. One minute they were just babes in arms and now the youngest is at middle school, and we are preparing for my eldest to start high school!

I think sometimes we’re so busy working towards their next milestones that we forget to live in the moment and capture their progressions.

Do you ever see them do something which makes you stop in your tracks?

I know my children do that to me on occasions. It makes me pause and absorb that very moment.

I also came across it in the studio a couple of weeks ago when I was photographing a family. I had posed them and got my shot and then quietly asked the children to tickle their parents. The results were brilliant and when I was going back through them afterward this one image stood out and gave me gooses bumps….you know that moment when you laugh and you turn to your most favourite people. I’d captured it and now they’ve got that memory….forever!

When was the last time you and your family were all photographed together?

Don’t leave it too long….believe me when I say, they grow up far too quickly.

Have a great week,

Jemma xx

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Does your Business really need Professional Photographs?

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A few weeks ago I opened my inbox to a company asking me to photograph some of their products. I’ve seen the company in question’s work over the last couple of years and absolutely love what they do so I didn’t hesitate and got on the phone to them straight away. I went through the in’s and out’s of what I could do for them, did they require studio or a location etc and then it got to that inevitable question….how much?

Living in a small town I would hate to feel that people think I’m over charging them, I invest heavily in my business so I can buy new equipment and of course I have studio overheads, so when it comes to pricing I keep it fairly straight forward. I have an hourly rate and then a price per download. I don’t think I’m over priced, the price would also have included travel and realistically even though I was only there for an hour it would have wiped out my whole morning, but it seemed in this case the customer did think I was a little too pricey.

So it got me thinking – is there a need for photography in a business or is it a sheer luxury?

There aren’t many companies that will want to go without having any photos. They may think it’s an expense that they could do without, they may have a go at doing it themselves or use stock photos, they may think that their money can be spent better elsewhere….or can it?

I truly believe that every business in every sector should budget and invest in a professional photographer.

About 12 months ago I had a client ring me. At the time they were taking their staff photos on their mobile phones which was fine for what they needed it for, but when it came to having literature produced the designer they were working with suggested that it was now time for them to invest and have their photos taken professionally. This resulted in a panicked phone call. I remember that I was part way through photographing a posh clothing line when I had to stop what I was doing, change my lighting set up and photograph the staff members as they needed the images edited and ready to go to print by the end of the week! I’m pleased to say that I got it all done for them and resumed photographing my posh clothing line until late in the evening.


Like most photographers I like to pass the time looking at photographs. I like photos that stop me in my tracks, I like my clients to push me and like to create a unique photo that is just for them, not just a run of the mill headshot, but images that will make them stand out from their competitors. I think because I put so much time listening to my clients requirements and creating lovely photos for them that when I’m scrolling through the likes of LinkedIn one of my big bugbears is people being photographed standing against the office wall, with a big shadow behind them. Now I appreciate that it may not be feasible to have all members of staff photographed, but it is definitely worth investing in the key members of staff. I remember reading somewhere that the headshot is the new handshake, therefore this could be your first introduction to a potential client – don’t skimp on that first impression!

Your clients want to know you, they want to know who they’re dealing with. Stock photos have their place and are easy when you don’t have much time on your hands or simply feel that a photoshoot isn’t an option. I’ve had clients that have used stock photos initially and overtime felt that their websites needed to be more personable. They’ve got me in because they want their clients to know them, they want them to know the team and they want them to know their products.

Professional photos are a great asset to your business. I always ask my clients to think about how they would like to use their photos over the next 12-24 months. Not only are we now able to market ourselves on our websites, but we have a vast social media platform with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. Photos can be used to make all of these platforms more engaging.

I’m always impressed at how a Virtual PA friend of mine uses her photos. She posts frequently on Twitter and seemingly has a different photograph of herself in each of her posts. They are either of her alone or of her engaging with a client, but in these individual posts, she makes each photo relevant to the message that she is trying to get across.

So now this leads me to ask you again….does your business really need professional photographs? I hope this time the answer is a big YES! 🙂