Corporate Head Shots

Corporate headshots aren’t just a ‘head and shoulders’ professional persona for business purposes. Your portfolio headshots need to reflect personality and instinctively imply trustworthiness and dedication to what you do. There’s a fine line between appearing warm and welcoming or cold and unapproachable to colleagues and potential business connections.

Reflecting your true profession … at ease

It can feel tense to have the sole focus on you when it comes to a corporate headshot but Jemma’s encouragement, ideas and support will ensure you gain the best out of your session. Bring a change of clothes or shoot an outdoor session … there are numerous ways to capture your personality alongside experience … and you’ll have plenty of time to prepare your hair and makeup if needed (and that includes the men!).

Take advantage of colour and clothing styling advice and choose from an array of props to complement your career. Bring your own work equipment or materials to set the scene and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Enhancing your best features

All photographs will be subtly enhanced to soften features and highlight natural posture and facial structure. You’ll have a private viewing area online once the photographs have been taken to select your final portfolio.

Corporate headshots are available for individuals and teams and are ideal for company websites, social media profiles and printed literature. Whilst electronic images are normally selected, individual high quality glossy prints, canvas wraps or portfolio collections are available.

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