Family Photoshoot, what to wear!

By 6th February 2020Blog

You’ve got the family to agree to a photoshoot, you’ve arranged the date, now….what do you wear!

Feet glorious feet!

If you’ve booked an indoor sitting, more than likely we’ll take the photos with no shoes on, so it maybe a good idea to prep your feet or invest in some nice socks.


If you’ve got a room and a place in mind of where you’d like your family portrait to hang, make sure that the clothes your wearing match the setting.

Try to avoid overly fussy clothing and clothing with patterns as these can make your images date quicker, opt for comfort, something you can move easily in. We’ll do some shots standing, but we’ll also do some of you lying down, so it’s important that you think about this when choosing what to wear.

It’s nice to co-ordenate, a little, but not a lot!

Go with a colour, but choose different shades from it, e.g navy and pale blue, red, corals and pinks. Choose two main colours with a third accent colour across all the outfits.

Try to avoid branded clothing – Branding and logos tend to draw the eye and distract from the portrait. The same goes for characters and graphics on clothing.

Neck line – If you’re broad shouldered or big busted then V-necked clothing works well and elongates the body.


Any questions, get in touch or leave a comment below.