The importance of a good headshot

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“I just want to lose a bit of weight before having my headshot taken”


“I hate having my photograph taken”


“I’m just not comfortable in front of the camera”


 “I’ve got a wonky nose, it looks awful in photographs”


“Can you make me look thinner”


Believe me, I’ve heard them all!! There isn’t a good time for a lot of things but as my lovely friend *Alison Bradford Business Coach always says, sometimes the worse thing you can do is put things off and I am a true believer in that! I am no way near a model, I would love to be a couple of stones lighter, hair to be glossier, and face to be thinner, I’m no way near a Kardashian….I’m a real person in the real world and as a business person I need to introduce myself to my potential clients and the best way to do that is via social media. A headshot is the new handshake, its your potential clients first introduction to you and your business, and we all know how important first impressions are. When I look through peoples profile pictures on LinkedIn one of my big bugbears is a selfie, please, please, please do not put a selfie of yourself on your business pages or even worse, please don’t put a photo of yourself and your friends on a night out! Now your potential clients know that you love a night out and love a drink which equates to a ‘not such a great first impression’!


A good headshot is all about good lighting, and I have good lights! I also make a great coffee to, so we can sit down and have a chat about what it is that you want to achieve from your headshot. Are you in the corporate world or more in the holistic industry? Either way we’ll sit down, have a chat and come up with the perfect shot that will make you look professional and get you noticed to your potential clients. Think your face is a little tubby? I have a technique for that. Think your nose is a little crooked? I have a technique for that too.

Please don’t put off having your headshot taken, you’re not perfect, but neither is the next person. The best thing you can do for your business is differentiate yourself from your competitors and stand out from the crowd. I help your potential clients take your brand seriously and those who represent you by showing your quality and leadership skills in a professional manner.

I help you tell your story….


If you have any questions about individual headshots or team headshots in the Staffordshire area, then please get in touch at or 07810 516 283

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