Saving time and money by looking what’s on your doorstep!!

By 14th September 2017Uncategorised

A couple of days ago I had a phone call from a lady from one of our local banks. Her role within the company had changed and she needed a new headshot to go with her new appointment. The trouble was that they wanted her to travel to a photographer 2 1/2 hours away and over 100 mile drive!! She needed it for a couple of days time so travelling this far was unrealistic so she started ringing round the local photographers. Some were charging an hour sitting fee, plus additional cost for the download, which considering she literally had a half hour window, with a 15 minute shooting time was very unrealistic. As I took photos at one of the local performing schools of her daughter, she got in touch with me asking if headshots was something that I did…..YES….there loss and my gain!!

From experience I always tell my clients to avoid blouses (us women and our busts – they never sit right!!) and opt for a dress, or a smart top, not too dressy and plain in colour so they don’t look fussy on LinkedIn etc. After going through what clothes were most suitable and which backgrounds would be preferable, I told her my costs per download and we scheduled her to come in in a couple of days time.

So, this morning she came in, I had half an hour to have a chat, put her at ease and get the headshot session done before she had to be at her next meeting. The images have been cropped, lightly edited and in the time it has taken me to write this have been sent to her, for her to choose between seeing clients a selection for me to carry on editing (brightening eyes, teeth & a little skin softening), by the end of the day she will have her final image downloaded on her device. Easy. And all she had to do was to walk across the road.